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CD Replication

The International standard for professional high volume production of CD's is replication, whereby discs are manufactured using a high temperature injection moulding process and glass mastering. The vast majority of commercially released titles on CD today are replicated discs.

Glass Mastering

Glass Mastering involves the data from your master being transferred onto an optically ground and polished disc. The digital information is etched into a coating on the glass, which is then used to make stampers in an electrolytic bath. These stampers then go on to be used in the moulding process during replication.

Supplying Your Master

We prefer masters to be supplied as either DDP or Red Book CD-R and should include a track sheet specifying the song titles, start times and running lengths. DDP files can be uploaded to us directly via our FTP server (log-in details available on request), Dropbox or any other Web file delivery service.

If required, we have full CD Mastering facilities in-house using the Sadie PCM8 DAW in our state of the art post production studio.

Artwork & Print

After replication, discs are either silk screen or litho printed prior to machine or hand packing into the required type of cases or specialist packaging. Please see our Packaging & Print page for details of the different options available and instructions on how to supply your artwork.

Cyclone offer a high quality CD replication service for order quantities of 500 or more with a comprehensive range of special packaging options and a full complement of related services.

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