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DVD Replication

As with CD's, the International standard for the professional high volume production of DVD's is replication. Discs are manufactured using the same high temperature injection moulding process and glass mastering and as with their audio counterpart, most commercially released titles on DVD today are replicated discs. The standard DVD has a single layer of data with a capacity of 4.7GB and is known as a DVD-5. Greater capacity can be achieved using the dual layer DVD-9 (8.5GB) and DVD-10 (9.4GB) formats.

DVD Replication Pricing

The price of our DVD replication starts from just 21p per disc (ex VAT).

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Glass Mastering

Glass Mastering for DVD's is effectively the same process as it is with an audio CD. Digital data from your master, first being transferred onto an optically ground and polished disc, which is then used to make stampers, before going on to the moulding process used to replicate the finished DVD's.

Supplying Your DVD Master

DVD masters should be supplied as a DLT (Digital Linear Tape) or a DVD-R. If CSS encryption is required, please supply DLT's and make sure that you have "enabled" the DLT to be encrypted at the authoring stage.

If required, we can provide full DVD Authoring facilities for you using the latest Adobe CS video production suite for all video post production solutions.

Artwork & Print

After replication, the DVD's are either silk screen or litho printed prior to machine or hand packing into the required type of cases or specialist packaging. Please see our Packaging & Print page for details of the different options available and instructions on how to supply your artwork.

Cyclone offer a high quality DVD replication service for order quantities of 500 or more with a comprehensive range of special packaging options and a full complement of related services.