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Vinyl Pressing

Vinyl pressing continues to remain very popular, with current production on the increase and the 7" forty-five having enjoyed a recent resurgence.

Many record labels now see vinyl manufacture as an integral part of marketing a prestige album release, with the collectable nature of 7" & 12" records proving to be a desirable alternative to the disposable nature of MP3 downloads!

Cyclone offer a high quality vinyl manufacturing service with a full range of vinyl pressing, packaging and cutting options available.

Supplying Masters

Masters can be supplied as audio CD/DDP or WAV files and should include a track sheet specifying A & B sides, song titles, start times and running lengths. DDP & WAV files can be uploaded to us directly via our FTP server (log-in details available on request), Dropbox or any other Web file delivery service.

We specialise in DMM (direct metal) mastering ensuring the highest quality transfer from your master to the A & B side stampers that are used to make your finished records.

Test Pressings

Test pressings are always supplied for your evaluation and quality control and we will not proceed with any order until you have fully approved test pressings supplied.

Artwork & Printing

Please see our Packaging & Print page for details of how to supply your sleeve and label artwork.

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